Stop Using Male Incontinence Pads and Disposable Diapers with Men’s Liberty

When adult males suffer from urinary incontinence, it’s common for them and their caregivers to use male incontinence pads or disposable diapers. However, many men can experience problems like diaper rash or find the diaper uncomfortable and bulky under their clothing. Male incontinence pads can also cause skin irritation as moisture is trapped against the body.

These types of solutions for male incontinence can not only cause infections and diaper rash, but also can make the wearer feel a loss of independence and dignity.

Plus, think about the environment: disposable diapers make up the third largest type of landfill waste, taking an average of 200 years to decompose!

Men’s Liberty: An Adult Diaper Alternative

Men’s Liberty is an alternative to male incontinence pads and adult disposable diapers. Men’s Liberty could provide secure, reliable incontinence care for all types of male anatomy.

If you’re currently using adult diapers, pads or even condom catheters, Men’s Liberty will work for you.

Men’s Liberty is committed to building a world where male incontinence suffers can live fulfilling, active lives without having to worry about their urinary incontinence. As a part of this, we are building out a dedicated resource library to helping you and your loved ones navigate the difficulties of living with incontinence.