Dealing With Incontinence from Injury with Dignity

Men’s Liberty believes that veterans dealing with incontinence from injury should have every opportunity to take advantage of a normal, fulfilling life after sacrificing their time and safety to protect America’s freedoms. The re-entrance process to civilian life can be difficult enough on its own, let alone having the complicating factor of male incontinence. This is why we at Men’s Liberty work very hard with our veteran communities to ensure our male incontinence products provide our veterans the opportunity to get back to an active, successful lifestyle they deserve.

Learn more about how Men’s Liberty has revolutionized disabled veterans’ capacity for a normal, active lifestyle with our male incontinence products.

Retired Sgt. Christopher Nash

Retired Sgt. Christopher Nash honorably served in the U.S. Marines for 9 1/2 years. He was stationed at Little River Air Base and Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC, also Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Chris did tours in Greece and Iraq. In 2006 at the age of 24, he was on a brief leave before returning for another tour in Iraq, when a car slammed into him while riding his motorcycle. Chris tragically sustained both a T7 injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. After this accident the VA had him use all types of condom catheters, which did not work before, moving on to use Foley catheters, which became an even bigger problem, leading to bladder infections and skin issues. An avid athlete, Chris won the gold medal for Table Tennis in the 2007 Paralyzed Veterans Wheelchair Games, but fear of bladder accidents stopped him from participating in the following years. However, with the adoption of Men’s Liberty to address his incontinence issues, Chris is looking forward to returning to the competition. He also no longer needs 24/7 assistance with his incontinence and gets not only his freedom but his dignity back as well.
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“Men’s Liberty is non-invasive which is heaven sent. If you’re looking for some independence and freedom in your life, Men’s Liberty is worth a try. It surely helped us, and I can’t imagine going back to the previous stone age methods.”
– Debra Nash, proud mother of Christopher Nash — Semper Fi

Retired Specialist Mike McLaughlin

Retired Specialist Mike McLaughlin was in the Army from “88-92″ and in the Kentucky National Guard from “92-95″. He was stationed at Ft. Knox, Ft. Hood, Ray Barracks Germany and then deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield and then Desert Storm.. He was in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall. 16 years ago Mike was in an automobile accident which left him paralyzed with a T1 and T2 spinal cord injury. After spending years with various types of incontinence products including condom and foley catheters, each with their own laundry list of problems, he tried Men’s Liberty in 2003 and has been a proud user ever since. He has been able to increase his activities by 50%, is not constantly at the doctor’s and no longer has to frequently return to the hospital with UTIs.
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“For those who are looking for something new, start with the best instead of dealing with the misery from the rest. The freedom Liberty has given me is priceless.”
– Mike McLaughlin


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