Veteran Testimonials

If you’re a veteran currently using male diapers as treatment for bladder leakage, or dealing with other issues from your adult incontinence, learn why you should choose Men’s Liberty straight from the mouths of other veterans.

Retired Sgt. Christopher Nash

Retired Sgt. Christopher Nash honorably served in the U.S. Marines for 9 1/2 years. He was stationed at Little River Air Base and Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC, also Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Chris did tours in Greece and Iraq. In 2006 at the age of 24, he was on a brief leave before returning for another tour in Iraq, when a car slammed into him while riding his motorcycle. Chris tragically sustained both a T7 injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. The VA had him try all types of condom catheters, and according to his mother Debra, who is his care giver, they just did not work. The VA then had him use Foley catheters, which became an even bigger problem, as it led to bladder infections and skin issues which obviously was not working.

Christopher Nash Conquering Incontinence

While Debra was searching through the magazine Paraplegic News, she stumbled across Men’s Liberty. She hadn’t seen anything like it before, and had no idea that an external device even existed. Debra was desperately trying to find something for her son Chris that would work, stop all the infections, and give him some of his freedom and dignity back.

Debra lives with Christopher full time now and is his full time care giver. Chris is considered 100% disabled and does not work, but he proudly participates in the Paralyzed Veterans Wheelchair Games that are held once a year at various VA sites around the country. In 2007, Chris won the gold medal for Table Tennis and also competed in a hand cycle race. Christopher was planning to attend the Games the last four years but the fear of accidents with his bladder stopped him.

Christopher Nash Conquering Incontinence 2

Men’s Liberty has changed Debra’s life because Christopher is less dependent on her when it comes to his incontinence. Men’s Liberty makes it so she does not have to check on him every hour or two, and has also reduced his UTIs and yeast infections. For Chris, he no longer has to know where the bathroom is everywhere he goes. He can drain his Liberty pouch himself when needed, and does not need someone 24/7 attending to his incontinence. He gets back not just his freedom but his dignity as well.

“Men’s Liberty is non-invasive which is heaven sent. If you’re looking for some independence and freedom in your life, Men’s Liberty is worth a try. It surely helped us, and I can’t imagine going back to the previous stone age methods.”
– Debra Nash, proud mother of Christopher Nash — Semper Fi

Retired Specialist Mike McLaughlin

Retired Specialist Mike McLaughlin was in the Army from “88-92″ and in the Kentucky National Guard from “92-95″. He was stationed at Ft. Knox, Ft. Hood, Ray Barracks Germany and then deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield and then Desert Storm.. He was in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall. 16 years ago Mike was in an automobile accident which left him paralyzed with a T1 and T2 spinal cord injury. The accident changed his life forever.

Mike McLaughlin Desert Storm

Mike enjoys hunting, fishing and competitive shooting, and is also the Sports Director/Team Coordinator for the Kentucky-Indiana chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. He will again be competing at this year’s National Veteran’s Wheelchair games. He competes in archery, trap shooting, air rifle, and field events. This will be his 4th time going and competing at the wheelchair games. He prides himself in helping others during the Games. He will be at next year’s event which is being held in Tampa, Florida. The annual event has 500 to 600 veterans competing from around the country, Puerto Rico, and Great Britain.

Mike started dealing with his incontinence using condom catheters which gave him irritation, continuously popped off, and did not give him any kind of wear time. He then went to the Foley catheter which gave him continuous UTI’s. While reading Paraplegia News he came across Men’s Liberty. He got the samples, tried them, and has been a Liberty user now since 2003. Mike loves the fact he doesn’t have to deal with all the issues he had to with the previous methods. He has increased his activities by 50%, doesn’t have to go to the doctors all the time, and is not in and out of the hospital with UTI’s anymore.

Mike McLaughlin Wheelchair Games Miami

Mike says to those who are looking for something new to start with the best instead of dealing with the misery from the rest. The freedom Liberty has given him is priceless.

“For those who are looking for something new, start with the best instead of dealing with the misery from the rest. The freedom Liberty has given me is priceless.”
– Mike McLaughlin

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